DLoG Business Management

Manfred Lachauer, General Manager



Our Guidelines:

Customer Satisfaction

Our company's goal is to meet our customers' expectations in a collaborative partnership.  To this end we are developing long-term relationships with you, our customers, with special partners and suppliers so that everyone can benefit from these relationships.


Products, Quality

Implementation of new technologies for visualization and process control is a tradition and remains our outlook for the future. All DLoG industry computer solutions have high technical standards and are aimed at meeting user requirements in the international target markets.



Incorporated into our designs are aspects that contribute to the useability and success of the product. We are focused on permanent value in the process, and our design always has the following attributes: correct functionality regarding a wide variety of applications, innovative and appealing in design.

Our Industrial PC are designed from a holistic perspective. Beginning with the selection of materials for the particular areas of application, which are sometimes very demanding, to the incorporation of the production- and assembly-oriented design of a user-friendly, clear product structure, to a construction that is easy to service and disassemble, all product requirements are implemented.


Development: always a step ahead

Information technology, which is more and more broadly supported by networked systems such as RFID, plays a key role in structuring processes in a way that saves resources and optimizes costs. Innovative efforts and imagination in the research and development of new technologies and solutions lead to considerable savings and quality improvements in manufacturing, logistics, mining, large-scale agriculture, general transportation, etc.
At the same time, modern industrial computers and sophisticated components facilitate an increase in comfort and safety for people involved with the processes.
Our development and manufacturing department uses the most modern facilities in the industry. A mechanical design engineered to meet tough requirements is combined with future-oriented developments in information technology in hardware and software.

We are proud of the innovative efforts and imagination of our employees, who make a significant contribution to the success of our company with their thorough knowledge of technical possibilities and customer requirements.

Our engineers are already involved with topics that will some day master the broad field of process optimization and support through technical means.  With our reliable visualization and process control products, you, our customers, receive extremely efficient, state-of-the-art solutions to problems.