DLoG History

DLoG is a young company and was founded in 1985.



  • New Mobile Thin Clients with 12 inches, respectively 15 inches Touch Display are available: the Industrial PCs MTC 6/12 and MTC 6/15.
  • DLoG presents the ultra-ruggadized XMT 5/10 Vehicle Mount Terminal, which completes the XMT 5 Series


  • Advantech, the world's leading IPC and eAutomation provider, acquires 100% shareholding of DLoG GmbH from Augusta Technologie AG.


  • DLoG presents a new generation of Windows CE-based vehicle mount terminals: The DLoG XMT 5/7 is a compact industrial PC for cost-effective use in innovative logistics solutions.
  • DLoG presents the new Mobile Thin Client DLoG MTC 6/10. The DLoG MTC 6/10 is a industrial PC that is primarily used in intralogistics and port applications.



  • As of May 2007, Hans-Peter Nüdling, CEO, and Dr. Dominik Kramer, COO, constitute the executive board
  • Further development of the industry computer DLoG IPC 6 into the DLoG IPC 7
  • Product launch of the embedded computers DLoG X series


  • The industry computer DLoG MPC 6 is successfully launched as the MPC 5 successor
  • DLoG X series launched on ARM architecture
  • Alfons Nüßl leaves the executive board


  • Product launch of the 7 inch embedded computer DLoG X 7 with Windows CE operationg system


  • Further development of the industrail PCs DNeT MPC 5 and the DNeT IPC 6
  • Reimund Walter concentrates his focus to sales in the field of logistics and leaves the executive board
  • Dr. Dominik Kramer supports Alfons Nüßl in the executive board


  • Portfolio expands with the Industrial PCs DLoG IPC 6 and Panel Mount
  • Founding of ComSol in Chicago, IL, USA; sales of software and hardware products (industrial computers)
  • ComSol is renamed to DLoG Shop Floor Data Mgmt.; DLoG Shop Floor now becomes the main contact partner for US customers


  • Sandvik Automation (UK) trades under the name of DLoG UK


  • Product launch of the Industrial PC DLoG IPC 5/100
  • The ESPRIT 3D CAM system supplements the product portfolio in the field of NC/CAD


  • Product launch of the vehicle mount computer DNeT HPC 5 for mobile applications in the field of logistics
  • Johann Ruhland leaves the executive board


  • DLoG GmbH partners with AUGUST AG, a strong, financially powerful and internationally operating company
  • All partners leave DLoG GmbH
  • Marketing of the DNeT III DNC terminal and the DNeT IPC 5 industry computer
  • David Welsh becomes the owner of DLoG Inc., USA


  • Portfolio increases through XX-Flat multimedia PC, logistics IPC with WLAN
  • Development of a specific PC for the Deutsche Bahn locomotive engines: RPC4
  • John Vermeulen strengthens the executive board of DLoG BV, Netherlands
  • Sales extend to software and hardware products
  • The first DNeT MPC 4 terminals are sold to Karstadt, a chain of department stores. This marks the entry of DLoG GmbH into the field of logistics
  • Peter Aronsson and Kent Alenbrand, former employees at Sandvik Automation, found DLoG Norden MBO


  • New software generation for native Windows 95/NT


  • New development of the Quadro RM PDM system


  • After Michael Fauser leaves the company, and DLoG Computer GmbH merges with DLoG GmbH, Johann Ruhland, Alfons Nüßl, Reimund Walter and Manfred Lachauer are the DLoG GmbH partners
  • Johann Ruhland, Reimund Walter, and Alfons Nüßl represent the executive board
  • Manfred Lachauer is responsible for Global Sales
  • Launch of the new developments DNC; ADC/MDC on Windows machines
  • DLoG Industry Computers generate additional sales in the field of logistics


  • Marketing of Quadro NC Windows software
  • Symonds DMS (UK) merges with Sandvik Automation; headquarters moves from Abingdon to Birmingham
  • DLoG BV, Netherlands, successfully sells DLoG terminals to the port of Rotterdam
  • Reimund Walter strengthens the DLoG Computer team as a co-partner and becomes a Managing Director


  • Conclusion of a cooperation agreement between DLoG GmbH and Sandvik Automation GmbH UK, a subsidiary of the Swedish toolmaker
  • Further development of the industry computer with color display


  • Founding of the subsidiary DLoG Computer GmbH with headquarters in Olching; Managing Director Alfons Nüßl
  • In the US, DLoG Remex Inc. is founded, with headquarters in Chicago, IL; Managing Director David Welsh


  • In-house development on PC basis: DNeT IPC 386 industry computer with its own board; first industry computer with touch operation
  • In 1990 and the following years, Symonds (UK) achieve a market share in the DNC field of about 60%
  • Conclusion of a cooperation agreement with Sandvik Automation GmbH, Sweden, by Peter Aronsson and Kent Alenbrand


  • Further development of the V3 NC system
  • Founding of the branch in Hanover, Germany
  • The company headquarters moves to Olching near Munich
  • Founding of DLoG BV in Veldhoven, Netherlands; Managing Director Eric Keldermann


  • Further development of the DNC terminal DNeT II to include mature ADC/MDC data capturing and evaluation
  • Founding of the branch in Dusseldorf, Germany


  • Founding of the branch in Stuttgart, Germany


  • Helmut Kindermann leaves the company
  • Revolutionary further development of the V2 NC system and the ADC/MDC systems as well as of the DNeT I station for DNC data transmission with a network
  • Entry into the UK market via the partner Symonds DMS
  • Founding of branches in Italy, Austria, and Switzerland


  • Johann Ruhland, Michael Fauser, and Helmut Kindermann found DLoG GmbH, headquartered in Gröbenzell near Munich, Germany
  • DLoG GmbH develops, sells and services industry- and customer-specific hardware and software solutions for controlling industrial processes
  • Development of the DNeT DNC system, the V1 NC system, and throw switch (controlling up to 8 machines)

DLoG is the european market leader in the field of robust industry computers and develops sophisticated mobile computers, manufacturing computers, production terminals, automation computers, vehicle mount computers, machine terminals, embedded terminals - all solutions with accessories for printing, scanning, RFID, data collection, WLAN...