DLoG History

Advantech-DLoG - a company, a success story.



  • ADD BC 2014: 200 partners and customers meet at the Advantech-DLoG Business Conference for presentations, workshops and networking
  • New in our product portfolio: The fully-rugged PWS-870 tablet PC with capacitive multi-touch display
  • The quality management system of Advantech-DLoG is again certified in compliance with DIN ISO 9001:2008 by TÜV Süd


  • Manfred Lachauer becomes sole Managing Director of DLoG GmbH
  • Advantech-DLoG unveils the DLT-V83 series, the next generation of vehicle terminals
  • A new help desk system provides even better coverage and even faster technical support


  • Advantech-DLoG defines product development as a separate unit: New development department strengthens the focus of Advantech-DLoG on innovation and technology leadership
  • Dedicated MRM Team Lars Böddeker and Sayed Maudodi for fleet management and telematics solutions
  • Advantech-DLoG strategically realigns its management leadership:
    Jörg Fischbach, Executive Director Finance and Administration
    Thorsten Kraus, Executive Director of Technology and Operations Center
    Manfred Lachauer, Vice President of Sales
    Wolfgang Loske, Executive Director Quality and IT
  • Hans-Peter Nüdling leaves the company
  • New software ConfigTREK-753 simplifies the programming and integration of the TREK-753 in commercial vehicles
  • New Fleet Management portfolio: the in-vehicle computers TREK-722 with 5-inch and TREK-723 with 7 inch display
  • New service concept ADDProTec is unveiled
  • Advantech-DLoG cooperates with the leading providers PbV Vocollect and TopSystem, their voice solutions being implemented by system integrators and warehouse management system suppliers
  • Worldwide Partner Conference discusses trends in logistics and fleet management: More than 120 partners from 20 countries meet in Munich for experience exchange, networking and presentation of innovations


  • New Mobile Thin Clients with 12 inches, respectively 15 inches Touch Display are available: the Industrial PCs MTC 6/12 and MTC 6/15.
  • DLoG presents the ultra-ruggadized XMT 5/10 Vehicle Mount Terminal, which completes the XMT 5 Series


  • Advantech, the world's leading IPC and eAutomation provider, acquires 100% shareholding of DLoG GmbH from Augusta Technologie AG.


  • DLoG presents a new generation of Windows CE-based vehicle mount terminals: The DLoG XMT 5/7 is a compact industrial PC for cost-effective use in innovative logistics solutions.
  • DLoG presents the new Mobile Thin Client DLoG MTC 6/10. The DLoG MTC 6/10 is a industrial PC that is primarily used in intralogistics and port applications.


  • Dominik Kramer leaves the executive board
  • Product launch of the DLoG ITC 7 industry computer
  • Integrated GPS / GPRS for DLoG X series
  • DLoG ODM design & manufacturing produces over 20,000 units


  • As of May 2007, Hans-Peter Nüdling, CEO, and Dr. Dominik Kramer, COO, constitute the executive board
  • Further development of the industry computer DLoG IPC 6 into the DLoG IPC 7
  • Product launch of the embedded computers DLoG X series


  • The industry computer DLoG MPC 6 is successfully launched as the MPC 5 successor
  • DLoG X series launched on ARM architecture
  • Alfons Nüßl leaves the executive board


  • Product launch of the 7 inch embedded computer DLoG X 7 with Windows CE operationg system


  • Further development of the industrail PCs DNeT MPC 5 and the DNeT IPC 6
  • Reimund Walter concentrates his focus to sales in the field of logistics and leaves the executive board
  • Dr. Dominik Kramer supports Alfons Nüßl in the executive board


  • Portfolio expands with the Industrial PCs DLoG IPC 6 and Panel Mount
  • Founding of ComSol in Chicago, IL, USA; sales of software and hardware products (industrial computers)
  • ComSol is renamed to DLoG Shop Floor Data Mgmt.; DLoG Shop Floor now becomes the main contact partner for US customers


  • Sandvik Automation (UK) trades under the name of DLoG UK


  • Product launch of the Industrial PC DLoG IPC 5/100
  • The ESPRIT 3D CAM system supplements the product portfolio in the field of NC/CAD


  • Product launch of the vehicle mount computer DNeT HPC 5 for mobile applications in the field of logistics
  • Johann Ruhland leaves the executive board


  • DLoG GmbH partners with AUGUST AG, a strong, financially powerful and internationally operating company
  • All partners leave DLoG GmbH
  • Marketing of the DNeT III DNC terminal and the DNeT IPC 5 industry computer
  • DLoG manufactures over 12,000 ODM units, successfully positioning itself as an Original Design Manufacturer
  • David Welsh becomes the owner of DLoG Inc., USA


  • Portfolio increases through XX-Flat multimedia PC, logistics IPC with WLAN
  • Development of a specific PC for the Deutsche Bahn locomotive engines: RPC4
  • John Vermeulen strengthens the executive board of DLoG BV, Netherlands
  • Sales extend to software and hardware products
  • The first DNeT MPC 4 terminals are sold to Karstadt, a chain of department stores. This marks the entry of DLoG GmbH into the field of logistics
  • Peter Aronsson and Kent Alenbrand, former employees at Sandvik Automation, found DLoG Norden MBO


  • New software generation for native Windows 95/NT


  • New development of the Quadro RM PDM system


  • After Michael Fauser leaves the company, and DLoG Computer GmbH merges with DLoG GmbH, Johann Ruhland, Alfons Nüßl, Reimund Walter and Manfred Lachauer are the DLoG GmbH partners
  • Johann Ruhland, Reimund Walter, and Alfons Nüßl represent the executive board
  • Manfred Lachauer is responsible for Global Sales
  • Launch of the new developments DNC; ADC/MDC on Windows machines
  • DLoG Industry Computers generate additional sales in the field of logistics


  • Marketing of Quadro NC Windows software
  • Symonds DMS (UK) merges with Sandvik Automation; headquarters moves from Abingdon to Birmingham
  • DLoG BV, Netherlands, successfully sells DLoG terminals to the port of Rotterdam
  • Reimund Walter strengthens the DLoG Computer team as a co-partner and becomes a Managing Director


  • Conclusion of a cooperation agreement between DLoG GmbH and Sandvik Automation GmbH UK, a subsidiary of the Swedish toolmaker
  • Further development of the industry computer with color display


  • Founding of the subsidiary DLoG Computer GmbH with headquarters in Olching; Managing Director Alfons Nüßl
  • In the US, DLoG Remex Inc. is founded, with headquarters in Chicago, IL; Managing Director David Welsh


  • In-house development on PC basis: DNeT IPC 386 industry computer with its own board; first industry computer with touch operation
  • In 1990 and the following years, Symonds (UK) achieve a market share in the DNC field of about 60%
  • Conclusion of a cooperation agreement with Sandvik Automation GmbH, Sweden, by Peter Aronsson and Kent Alenbrand


  • Further development of the V3 NC system
  • Founding of the branch in Hanover, Germany
  • The company headquarters moves to Olching near Munich
  • Founding of DLoG BV in Veldhoven, Netherlands; Managing Director Eric Keldermann


  • Further development of the DNC terminal DNeT II to include mature ADC/MDC data capturing and evaluation
  • Founding of the branch in Dusseldorf, Germany


  • Founding of the branch in Stuttgart, Germany


  • Helmut Kindermann leaves the company
  • Revolutionary further development of the V2 NC system and the ADC/MDC systems as well as of the DNeT I station for DNC data transmission with a network
  • Entry into the UK market via the partner Symonds DMS
  • Founding of branches in Italy, Austria, and Switzerland


  • Johann Ruhland, Michael Fauser, and Helmut Kindermann found DLoG GmbH, headquartered in Gröbenzell near Munich, Germany
  • DLoG GmbH develops, sells and services industry- and customer-specific hardware and software solutions for controlling industrial processes
  • Development of the DNeT DNC system, the V1 NC system, and throw switch (controlling up to 8 machines)