Logistical and industrial processes optimized by DLoG Indstrial PC Solutions.

Mission and Vision

Vision Statement

Information technology plays a constantly growing role in the design of logistical and industrial processes that save resources and optimize costs.
We serve this market as a leading supplier of innovative products for terminal-based visualization and control: mobile and robust industrial PCs - developed and produced in Germany.

Our consulting and service competence aids customers - in combination with the use of our products and peripheral products - in safeguarding their level of quality and in making their processes safer and more cost effective.


Mission Statement

We strive to become the market leader in customer satisfaction through our competence gained from experience, our comprehensive system service and our continuous work on innovation.

Our goal is substantial and sustained profitable growth in order to safeguard our freedom to operate. High value is placed on qualified, independent and motivated employees, long-term relationships with partners and reliable and innovative suppliers, who we incorporate into our work for development and manufacturing as early on as possible.

Technology leadership, derived from market and customer requirements for our Industrial PCs, is our tradition and remains our outlook for the future. All products have a high standard of quality and are aimed at meeting the most successful and profitable user requirements in the international target markets. We are concentrating our R&D investment options on this goal.

Our company's goal is to meet our customers' expectations in a collaborative partnership.  To this end we are developing long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.
Operational Excellence: We never stop optimizing our operational processes.