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Forklift with vehicle mount terminal and WLAN

Forklift with vehicle mount terminal and WLAN

Industrial PC / VMTs in warehouse and distribution center

Advantech-DLoG industrial PCs and vehicle mount terminals support your logistics operating through real time data and modern, touch-controlled Windows and Linux user interfaces.

Immense time pressure, error-free inventory stock management, and high cargo handling volumes - our goal is to support you in designing this business-critical area at the best.

Our rugged industrial PCs are user-friendly and easy to read in any situation. To provide quick and error-free data capture, they offer all interfaces supporting smooth auto ID: Bluetooth, RFID, or a wired connection via serial interfaces (galvanically separated with adjustable voltage.)

Our WLAN antennas are designed specifically for the harsh demands of warehouse operation. They support error-free real-time data transmission and optimum behavior in your WLAN infrastructure (roaming).

The mechanical stability of our industrial PCs and vehicle mount computers ensures that data is captured, processed and transmitted reliably in typical warehouse operation, thus increasing profitability and reducing error rates.

How to optimize warehouse WLAN: Download free white paper!