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Our Industrial PCs at Knorr Bremse in Munich ....

Industrial PCs and VMTs for assembly and production

Industrial PCs and VMTs for assembly and production

Advantech-DLoG Industrial PCs and VMTs for Automation/Stationary Applications

Point-of-Information systems are used to lead people through the processes of manufacturing, assembly line production, process flow, logistics and factory information. They provide the human interface to the machine environment.

The manufacturing environment is often dirty, noisy, subject to vibration, temperature fluctuation, and other harsh conditions. Ultra-rugged Advantech-DLoG industrial PCs are well suited for use in these stationary applications. They provide reliable, modular design, with digital I/O for connectivity; WLAN, eliminating an expensive wired infrastructure and permitting easy setup and equipment relocation; and information displays providing 3D drawings, work in progress, production line counting, machine stats, and pre-emptive failure information.

Advantech-DLoG designs equipment with galvanically isolated parts, sealed units, and advanced communication features (Bluetooth, Ethernet, WLAN, RFID), to meet the demand of these heat, dust and shock prone industrial environments. Terminals may be mounted to machinery for job control information, production line flow analysis, counting, and process control and so on, increasing safety, efficiency, output, and uptime.