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GPS terminals for telematics, vehicle tracking and fleet management

GPS terminals for telematics, vehicle tracking and fleet management

Computing solutions for efficient fleet management

Our in-vehicle terminals are ideal onboard fleet management solutions. They offer real-time communication between the driver and the central office, data processing, vehicle tracking and intelligent navigation. This opens up interesting possibilities:

  • More reliable load planning and scheduling
  • Flexible routing
  • Seamless tracking of cargo
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved adherence to schedules
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Improved driver and passenger safety
  • Anti-theft system
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Driver training
    Embedded Box für Telematik, Fahrzeugortung, Flottenmanagement

    Embedded Box für Telematik, Fahrzeugortung, Flottenmanagement

    Robust, reliable and versatile

    Fleet management computing solutions from Advantech-DLoG are extremely robust and work reliably even under extreme environmental conditions. They can easily be integrated into existing software applications and provide all the necessary interfaces for diagnostic systems, sensors and video.  Satellite-based GPS allows for easy vehicle location, even in tunnels (optional). WLAN, WWAN and Bluetooth ensure uninterrupted communication.


    Improving reliability and punctuality

    Drivers can access their company’s network at any time via our in-vehicle PCs and mobile data terminals are always available for their dispatchers. Freight can automatically be tracked during the delivery process. As a result, orders are processed smoothly, flexibly and quickly - much to the satisfaction of the customers.


    Reducing costs and improving productivity

    Our fleet management computing solutions facilitate vehicle performance monitoring and enable continuous driver training. Drivers and dispatchers can access current vehicle data such as tire pressure, oil level or mileage at any time. As a result, repair needs can be quickly identified, which reduces downtime. Service intervals and maintenance schedules can also be planned more efficiently and stock levels of spare parts minimized.



    TREK-753 Mobile Data Terminal in a fuel truck
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