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Port Logistics

NAVIS and JADE have certified our port logistics terminals for their TOS applications.

Rugged Industrial PCs/VMTs for warehouse and distribution center

Rugged Industrial PCs/VMTs for warehouse and distribution center

Rugged Industrial PCs/VMTs for Logistics Applications

Intralogistics and warehouse applications have a single goal: error-free stock management. Knowing item location, quantities on-hand, stock-outs, re-order triggers, space and scheduling, how to minimize movement and manage assets in a harsh, high pressure environment are only some of the challenges faced.

Fast, correct, real-time data capture and access are key issues. Advantech-DLoG Vehicle Mount Computers (VMTs) bring advanced computing to extreme environments, coping with dust, shock, vibration, humidity, impact, physical abuse, and extreme temperatures. From mechanical engineering to radio antenna design, from rugged to extreme, Advantech-DLoG’s portfolio of VMTs offers the best-of-breed, in-vehicle computing solutions.

On forklifts or cranes, managing pallets or containers, in freezer storage or bright sunlight, in warehouse or shipyard, Advantech-DLoG provides real-time, error-free intra-logistic solutions to inventory management. Success in managing the critical business of intra-logistics, gives companies a competitive edge, and Advantech-DLoG helps companies build a cost-effective infrastructure to support these processes and ensure optimal operations.