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RF solutions for airport logistic applications

RF solutions for airport logistic applications

Industrial PCs / vehicle mount terminals optimize Airport Logistics

The logistical demands of an airport can only be met with reliable processes and a robust infrastructure. Airport operation is an extremely demanding logistical enterprise. Such operations include the organization of passenger/shuttle buses, the planning of available freight or container carriers, the continuous data exchange with luggage carts, forklifts or other industrial vehicles, and scheduling of maintainance and sanitation carts.

Challenges to airport logistics include increasing demands on quality, growing freight volumes and the need to ensure operational efficiency.

Only reliable processes and a solid infrastructure can achieve this. Our robust WLAN industrial PCs, specially designed for smooth and error-free operation in rough conditions such as airports, support this achievement.

Shock and vibration, such as they occur in luggage, freight or mail handling, can not harm our robust WLAN industrial PCs/VMTs.

Through rain or snow, in the sun or the heat, our industrial PCs and VMTs withstand this rough environment with durable reliability.