Rugged DLoG MPC 6/12 (phased-out)

Industrial PC DLoG MPC 6/12

With regard to feature set, interfaces and technologies, the DLoG MPC 6/12 is a full-fledged PC. But much more rugged and more compact. Its 12 in form factor combines modern PC technology with rugged industrial design and extensive display options on an easy-to-operate touch screen.
Whether used as a stationary or a vehicle mount terminal, the DLoG MPC 6/12 offers the complete PC feature set and can be expanded flexibly: PCI slots, MDC and CAN expansion cards, PC cards, PCIeMiniCards, and more is available.
Thanks to many different connectivity options (latest wireless technology such as RFID, proven WLAN solutions, wired Ethernet) it integrates easily into your existing infrastructure.

DLoG MPC 6/12 features:

  • Modular design, embedded PC technology
  • Individual configurations (CTO)
  • Complete feature set despite compact form factor (12 inches)
  • Fan less design
  • Advantech-DLoG-certified touch screen design
  • Choice of wireless technologies: WLAN, Bluetooth, RFID, GPS, GPRS
  • Integration of various RFID readers
  • Sound
  • Individual mounting brackets
  • Easy connection to peripherals (scanners, handhelds, printers, etc.) via various technologies (wired USB, PS/2; via WLAN or Bluetooth, or direct integration of the RFID reader)
  • Can withstand deep freeze use (cold storage) and extremely high temperatures