MTC 6/12 logistics terminal

MTC 6/12 logistics terminal

Vehicle mount terminal with Intel Atom® Processor and Voice Kit

The MTC 6/12 is a rugged vehicle mount terminal that increases efficiency in logistics − in the distribution center, port, or warehouse, and even in the deep-freeze area.

Equipped with WLAN diversity, the MTC 6/12 offers the advantage that − particularly in demanding environments − the data connection remains safe and reliable, even in fast roaming situations.


DLoG MTC 6/12 features:

  • Fully rugged
  • Resistive touchscreen
  • WLAN with integrated diversity antenna
  • Advantech-DLoG Voice Kit (microphone/speaker), optionally
  • Extreme temperature cycles
  • Optimum protection against Shock/Vibration
  • LED display
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Resistant in freezing temperatures and extremely high temperatures
  • Embedded PC technology
  • Lean design
  • Fanless