Embedded Box TREK-510 with In-Vehicle-Display TREK-303L

Embedded Box TREK-510 with In-Vehicle-Display TREK-303L

Embedded Box for Efficient Vehicle Communication

The TREK-510 ensures efficient vehicle communication including tracking and locating, supports the option for vehicle diagnosis, monitors driving behavior and helps fleet managers in economically managing their business and their fleet. The compact box can be fitted into any type of vehicle – e.g. short-distance haulage vehicles, courier vehicles, commercial vehicles, and transportation vehicles – making it extremely flexible. Combined with the TREK-303L vehicle display this is the ideal managerial foundation for a wide range of vehicle fleets.

TREK-510/303L In-vehicle Computer operating in a small truck
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Power management, temperature ranges of -30 to 70 °C

The TREK-510 embedded box from Advantech-DLoG is characterized by its robust, industrial design. Thanks to ARM technology it features low power consumption making it very energy efficient. Fleet solutions that require constant supply voltage particularly rely on low power consumption. The Power Management Software – featuring ignition on/off, power-on inhibitor/power-off inhibitor and battery status display – protects the device against electrical disruptions and power surges and thus prevents damage to the system.

Thanks to the SAE J1455 Class A / SAE J1113 and the ISO 7637-2 certifications, even extreme temperature fluctuations of -30°C to 70°C do not affect the TREK-510. Its sealed chassis is certified as being resistant to shocks and vibrations and has been tested according to the military standard MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.5 which means that it is extremely robust.