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All-in-One PC UTC-520: Rugged and stylish

All-in-One PC UTC-520: Rugged and stylish

Ultra-Slim All-in-One PC with a 21.5" LCD and Touch Screen

UTC-520 Series is an ultra-slim All-in-One PC for use in interactive visualization. With a large 21.5-inch touch screen, it allows extensive representations and is intuitive and easy to use. UTC-520 Series combines design and durability and is the perfect POI/POS terminal for all indoor applications ─ as an information terminal in warehouse as well as a digital control system in production.


Features UTC-520A/B/C:

  • UTC-520A with AMD® G-Series T40E
  • UTC-520B with Intel Atom™ Dual Core D2550
  • UTC-520C with Intel Core™ i7
  • 21.5“ TFT LCD with touch screen
  • Convertible display design, portrait and landscape use possible
  • 40 mm ultra-slim all in one solution
  • WLAN (optional)
  • IP protection class front panel IP 65 / NEMA4
  • Fanless design