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Phone: +49 (0) 89 41 11 91-0

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Tel: +49 (0) 89 41 11 91 - 999

Telephone Hotline

ADDProTec offers you the following:

Telephone and email hotline in English and German with prioritized support

You can contact Advantech-DLoG’s technology experts directly by telephone and email. They will answer your questions – with high priority and, of course, in both English and German.

Repairs with short processing times

As the manufacturer, we are familiar with the systems right down to the finest detail and do our best to ensure that all defects are remedied quickly – always using original parts.

Free repair (including labor and material costs) due to wear and tear or damage to equipment despite correct use

Damage to equipment, which occurs despite correct use or is due to normal wear and tear, will be repaired by us free of charge, including all labor and material costs; all repair costs are covered.

Detailed cost estimate in the case of damage as a result of undue force

In cases where the damage to the equipment has obviously been caused by undue force, the client will be advised of the expected costs in a cost estimate immediately following the initial analysis. The repairs will only be carried out after you accept the cost estimate.

After repair, immediately reconfigured and ready to use

If Advantech-DLoG receives your software image, we can reconfigure your system after the repair has been carried out. The equipment will then be returned to you fully operational.

Shipping costs

Advantech-DLoG bears all the costs incurred for return shipping to many countries. Contact us to find out if your country is included.