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Systems + Services from a single Source

Systems und Services from a single source

Our company’s core strength lies in our high quality mobile computing solutions. Our systems are used by clients in various sectors – often 24/7 in business-critical areas.
Each unproductive minute can be very costly.
In order to keep the productivity of our computing systems at a high level for the duration of their entire lifecycle, maintenance and repair services should also be subject to the same strict quality criteria applied to system development and manufacture.
As a client you can make use of our exclusive manufacturing know-how even for speedy and optimal services – to perfect your performance.

ADvantech-DLoG Proofed Quality

ADDProTec – Your benefits

Available – Our hotline is available to you for any questions you may have. Just give us a call!

Planning – All services and costs are transparent and comprehensible. The availability of the systems is provided within a predictable budget.

Competent – The manufacturer addresses any issues you may have, so that you can be sure to get the necessary information from experts on the subject, as well as a supply of original replacement parts.

Global – As a globally operating company we are able to deal with your service needs anywhere in the world.


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