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Signal to noise ratio

Roaming und SNR

To allow a rugged Industrial PC (such as a forklift or picking terminal) to be moved within a WLAN network without interrupting the communication from radio cell to radio cell, a special transfer process (roaming) must be used between the radio cells.

The density of the radio cells (access points) or the power of the radio cells can lead to problems in the area of roaming behavior. Either excessive power or excessive access point density can cause loss of data.  In order to configure the client's transfer procedure, the so-called hand-over process, to be as frictionless as possible, various parameters must be taken into account in client WLAN solutions and access points.

Our Advantech-DLoG expert team can influence the following parameters:

  • Optimization of roaming preparation through an active search of available access points
  • Adjustment of roaming time
  • Fast roaming (access point field strength)

The WLAN industrial PC measures the quality of the signal received at all times from the access point at which it is reported. The quality is given by the SNR value (Signal-to-Noise Ratio). The signal to noise ratio (SNR) is mainly responsible for when the client searches for other active access points.

The access points transmit beacon frames at regular intervals. With this information, the client recognizes which access points are active on which channels and creates a table. This contains the BSSID (MAC address) and the channel on which the access point is transmitting.