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Industrial PC DLoG MPC 6
during dust chamber test

IP Protection Classes

Types of protection are classified according to DIN EN 60529. Protection types are identified through internationally applicable abbreviations (IP = International Protection).

Two digits follow the IP abbreviation. The first digit stands for the protection against the penetration of solid bodies. The second digit describes the degree of protection against penetration by water. The information refers to untreated housings without consideration to the influences of aging, temperature changes, or similar events.

Compared to other providers, Advantech-DLoG industrial pc systems are not just partially conforming to IP (for example the front only), but the entire housing including the cable penetration meets the respective IP protective class.

In addition, we have hired an independent testing laboratory (IABG) to test all systems. In other words, Advantech-DLoG can prove the authenticity of the respective protective class credentials with a test report.

Protection classes of Advantech-DLoG Industrial PCs

Read information about the protection classes of our industrial PCs in the technical data sheets.